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On Mondays our honored guests will arrive and receive an orientation class describing the weekend ahead.  Breathing, meditation, the two yoga flows and their interdependence will be outlined and described.  There will also be  meditation and a healthy welcome dinner offered.

Welcome to Yogamaré!

DAYS 2-7



The heart of our retreat will have the following schedule:



8:00am Guided Meditation

8:45am Green Juice Breakfast 

9:00am Hatha yoga class

10:30am Morning Activity

Noon Fruit Smoothie lunch

12:30pm Afternoon Activity

3:00pm Vinyasa Class (2pm on Sunday)

6:00pm Health conscious dinner

8:00pm Evening Activity

DAy 8

A Bientôt

We don't say goodbye at Yogamaré, we say a bientôt.  It is not the end of our time together but the beginning or continuation of relationships.  Ours with you and yours with yoga.  With that in mind, we hope to see you again soon, or a  bientôt.






Activities depend upon the weather and include:

DAYTIME: Bicycle & Boat Rides, Nature & Beach Walks, SUP

EVENING: Meditation, Movies, Individual Meditative Dance